IRCC Tracker

IRCC is expanding online status trackers to four new categories, including Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs. This will increase transparency and help clients keep up to date on any actions they may need to take to move their file forward. The immigration process can be both exciting and stressful. To help make the process easier, IRCC recently launched application trackers for family-class permanent residence applicants, sponsors, and representatives.

The IRCC PR tracker is available to anyone who has applied for spousal, common-law and dependent child sponsorship. However, IRCC notes that the information in the tracker may change before a decision is made and that there may be delays or differences between the progress reported in the tracker and what actually happens with a particular case.

IRCC has introduced the IRCC Tracker as part of an ongoing effort to make the immigration process more transparent and accessible. This new tool will allow applicants to check the status of their applications and stay informed about any actions they may need to take to keep their file moving forward. The tool will also increase transparency by providing clients with direct access to the same information they would get if they contacted IRCC directly.

IRCC is also expanding online application status trackers for Express Entry and PNP candidates. The tracks are available for family-class permanent residence applicants, sponsors, and their representatives. The expansion will enable applicants in four more categories to monitor their application and stay informed about any actions that need to be taken to keep the file moving forward.

The changes will help improve client service and reduce wait times by reducing the time needed to respond to inquiries. This is in addition to a variety of other improvements being implemented by IRCC, including a more user-friendly online system and a dedicated applicant query response centre. IRCC has also introduced advanced data analytics to pre-sort visa applications, which can cut processing times by 87 per cent.

IRCC made over half a million decisions on permanent residency applications this year, including spousal sponsorships. This number is double what it was in 2021, and the agency hopes to continue this upward trend. To do so, it is implementing a number of measures to reduce IRCC processing times, including digitizing files, conducting virtual interviews, using advanced analytics, launching a permanent residence portal for clients and their representatives, and assigning more officers to make decisions on spousal sponsorship cases.

How to Track IRCC Application Status

How to Track IRCC Application Status?

If you’re interested in immigrating to Canada, it’s important to understand the process involved. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recently launched a new portal that allows sponsorship applicants to track their application status online. The portal is available for spousal, common-law, and dependent child sponsorship applications. The portal is accessible by both the applicant and their immigration representative.

IRCC’s role is to facilitate the arrival of immigrants and refugees, provide protection to those seeking asylum, offer programming to help newcomers settle in Canada, grant citizenship, and issue travel documents such as passports. It also promotes multiculturalism and supports economic growth through immigration. IRCC is the federal department responsible for these activities. It was formerly known as Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Before applying to become a permanent resident, you should first complete an IRCC assessment. This will determine if you meet the requirements of the Canada PR program. IRCC will then send you an invitation to apply for a permanent residence visa. You must submit biometrics if required, which can be done at Visa Application Centres (VAC) or Application Support Centres (ASCs, USA only).

Once you have an invitation, you must submit your IRCC application online. You can do this using your MyCIC account. The application fee is C$400. You may have to wait for up to six months before your IRCC application is processed. During this time, you should keep your MyCIC account updated with any changes in your circumstances. This will ensure that your application is processed correctly. It’s also important to work with an experienced immigration lawyer who can assist you in the process. The right lawyer can ensure that your case is completed as quickly and smoothly as possible.