IRCC Processing Time After Medical Request

Processing times are updated weekly and show how long it takes IRCC to process complete applications. They do not include review of eligibility stages where CSIS and CBSA provide security advice. The IRCC processing time depends on the type of immigration program and can vary significantly. You can check the status of your IRCC application on MyCIC or through the IRCC webform.

The IRCC application process after a medical request is vital in the visa sponsorship process. During this phase, you must submit a medical report by an authorized panel physician. The medical report is the property of IRCC, and you must not keep a copy for yourself. In some cases, a physician may refuse to provide the report. Then, you must find another physician who can do so. . IRCC will search and tag the medical results to your application. They will also evaluate the report by their medical division. Once this is done, IRCC will update your file, and you will see the status change in myCIC. IRCC may also contact you for additional information about your health or request more medical tests

If you have passed your medical exam during the Canadian immigration process and are not disqualified for health reasons, you can expect a decision within 6 months after submitting your application. The medical report is the property of IRCC, and you should request a copy for your own records. It’s also important to remember that the doctor or clinic staff won’t examine your genitals or rectal area for the medical exam. However, if you’re applying under the CEC or the Federal Skilled Worker program, you may be required to undergo a chest X-ray and laboratory testing. This will increase your processing time.

IRCC Application Rejected Because of Medical Inadmissibility

IRCC Application Rejected Because of Medical Inadmissibility

IRCC is working to minimize delays and keep processing times as close to normal as possible. However, the labour disruption is impacting some services. To find out what to expect, visit the IRCC website.

When IRCC receives an upfront medical notification, they will search and tagging the medical results to your visa application. This will help them track changes to your medical conditions during processing. Generally, this will happen during the Eligibility Review stage. However, IRCC can request documents at any point in the application process.

Once your application is in the system, it will be assigned a unique number that identifies you. This number is called a UCI or Unique Client Identifier. It’s a ten or eight-digit number that will identify you to the entire immigration system. IRCC will use it to link your applications and make sure that you are not mistaken for someone else.

If your application is rejected because of medical inadmissibility, you may be able to appeal the decision. However, it’s important to consult an experienced Canadian immigration lawyer to understand the details of your case. They can review your medical reports, discuss the likelihood of appealing the decision, and develop a strategy for overturning it.